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Anthem CoreShare Virginia

CoreShare VA Overview

CoreShare PPO offers health insurance plans that cover their members in case of major health issues at a low monthly rate. These Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans provide preventive care with no cost for its members, and you only pay $15 or 50% for generic drugs, all before the deductible is satisfied. After the deductible is met, CoreShare will pay toward all other services.

Note: You will pay for all health services out-of-pocket until the deductible is met, but at Anthem’s negotiated (discounted rate), therefore saving you immediately.

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CoreShare VA Quote

Anthem CoreShare price varies based on gender, age, zip code and deductible.

Click here to get a CoreShare VA quote by Anthem. All contact information is optional, and takes ten seconds.


Deductible Overview

CoreShare of Virginia covers your preventive care without having to meet your deductible. Once the deductible is met, you pay 50% coinsurance (% paid after deduct is met) until you max out at $3,500, with the exception of a $200-750 facility copay.*

Deductible for CoreShare VA is $750 -$7,500 for individuals, and doubles for families.

*Your facility copay does not pay down your deductible/coinsurance, and you are still responsible for this fee after your out-of-pocket max has been reached.

To apply click here Apply for CoreShare now or contact Medicoverage if you have any questions.


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CoreShare Features

Preventive: $0
Pap tests: $0
Physical: $0
PSA screenings: $0
Generic Rx: greater of $15 or 50%*

*Brand req. $1,000 sep. deduct

After Deductible and Coinsurance

Physical Therapy: $0
Chiropractic: $0
Office Visits: $0
Anesthesia: $0
Surgery: $0
Emergency Room: $0
Urgent Care: $0
Mental Health: $0
Xray: $0
Lab: $0

What's not covered:

Elective Surgery
Weight Loss Programs
Private Nursing

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